Hello, I’m Andrew Lloyd from Beaver, PA.

Let me be brief. You already know that I am business jerk who works for free. But why?

I am burnt out and tired. The industry that we are all in is nothing more than an endless hamster’s wheel full of greedy liars. I enjoy pointing them out now. I also enjoy helping others to recognize when they meet a person full of crap.

The pandemic did not care about anybody, including myself. Andrew Lloyd or not, we all had to face the consequences. Fortunately, I’ve learned so much during the lockdown and realized that money is not the key. People are inherently good, but they are also flawless at cheating and lying to each other. How is that possible? The world is flawed with greed and stupidity. Trust me I know! Like I’ve changed, let’s change that!

With 10 years of experience in the industry, I developed wonderful marketing skills that allow me to help people and develop meaningful projects. It did not come easy. I’m sure that I had way bigger failures than you, and I am sure that you don’t care. You are not here for Andrew Lloyd from Beaver, PA. You are here because you need real help.

The thing is, after all those years of hard work, I know how digital marketing, advertising, and running online business work. It’s very simple when you have all the right tools and know important tactics. I do everything from executing SEO tactics to forecasting performance and budget for all digital channels to implementing marketing strategies that increase ROI to web development. People who use my advice make money when I answer questions online. People who don’t, well, they also survive. I don’t really care if you need my help, but it seems like you might use some advice if you are already reading this part.

Stupidity, backstabbing, and lying are contagious and spreading fast. Even though I am a jerk who cares very little about myself, I care about truth, honesty and helping others. Once you meet Andrew Lloyd from Beaver, PA, you meet truth. And the truth is – we might need to talk.